Removing the water from the land was a necessity to support the developing agricultural industry.  The many deep ditches that exist in the township were carefully engineered to drain the water from the fields.

Talbot road was created on a high ridge of land that was originally a trail used by the natives.  For the most part,  water on land north of Talbot road drains into lake St. Clair while water on land to the south drains into lake Erie.


Town Hall

The new Town Hall building (pictured) was built in 1927 on the north side of Hwy 3 just west Oldcastle Side Road.  This replaced a wood building on the same site that was built in 1896.  The brick buildingserved as the meeting place for township council until the early 1970’s. 

The town hall functions were moved to the recently closed Frith school on North Talbot road around 1971.  The Town Hall functions remained at the old Frith School until the township was amalgamated in 1999.

Township Closing

Here is a photo of the last Sandwich South council