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The Olde Sandwich South and Area Historical Society was established in 1999.  We are a group of volunteers dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of the former Sandwich South Township.  This includes artifacts, memorabilia, and documents from the people and places within the thriving communities of the township.

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There were several settlements and communities in the township. Maidstone and Oldcastle were the biggest. Other settlements of note include Roseland, Paquette Corners, Farough, Cozy Corners, Fairplay, Jackson's Corners, Pelton Junction, and Six Corners.

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Prominent People

A celebration of the people from from Sandwich South who gave character to our township. Some of these people were very involved within the community and some went on to great success abroad.

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Businesses come and go but always leave their mark on a community. They are considered gathering places, employment centres, social hubs, innovators and providers of essential goods and services.


There are six cemeteries scattered across Sandwich South. St. Mary's and St. Stepehen's are located next to churches. Victoria and Greenlawn are spacious 'newer' cemeteries in Oldcastle. Fairbairn Union and the Smith cemeteries are smaller family graveyards.


FInd out how we are all connected. A Sandwich South family tree was created using birth, marriage, death and census records from 1893 to about 1921.


There were seven public Sectional schools (Bethel, Fairplay, Paquette, Charles Collins, Percy McKee, Union and Frith) as well as two Roman Catholic sectional schools (Ragtown and Six Corners) in Sandwich South. St. Mary's Catholic school opened in the 60's and still exists today.


The first council was formed in 1893 and the last one closed the doors in 1999. Check out the various publications and documents that detail the activity of our elected officials.

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There were primarily four churches in Sandwich South. St. Mary's was a catholic church in Maidstone. St. Stephen's was an Anglican church in Oldcastle. Bethel was a United church in Farough. Church of the Redeemer is located on County road 8 and is affiliated with St. Stephen's.


The Heart of every community beats with the people and families who live there. Every family has a story and this is where the families of Sandwich South, who have been here for generations, can share their stories.


Baseball has been a big part of Sandwich South from the early days of the Maidstone Shamrocks to the softball leagues of Weston Park, Ciociaro Club and St. Mary's Park. Motorsports were also a big attraction from the 1960's to 1990's. As in most of Canada, hockey was also a favourite activity for many of the residents.


A collection of photos and documents that don't fit into a category at this time

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Pictures and narratives of events ehld by the Olde Sandwich South & Area Historical Society over the years.

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