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The Crowder / ECHRS Collection

From the late 1940’s to the mid 1980’s, Myrtle Crowder would read the newspaper (Essex Free Press and Windsor Star) and clip out articles relating to Sandwich South residents.  These clippings remained in folders until her death at which time they were donated to Sandwich South municipal offices.

They sat for years until the township was amalgamated in 1999.  Suzanne Rau adopted these archives and stored them in her basement for years.  They were then donated to ECHRS (Essex & Community Historical Research Society).  Laurie Kowtiuk from ECHRS sorted all of these clippings and  Created scrapbooks.  These books have been scanned and added below.  The original collection can still be found at ECHRS in Essex.

The PDF documents found below represent decades of work by many people.  If your family has ties to Sandwich South, there is likely some mention of them here.  This is a gold mine of information containing hundreds of birth, marriage, graduation and death notices. 

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