Louisa Payne Memorial

Louisa Payne was born into slavery in Georgia in 1839.  Her family fled to Canada and took residence on a 25 acre farm on the 9th concession.  She remained on the farm until her death in 1938. 

She was buried at the Fairbairn cemetery in an unmarked grave.  A memorial plaque was purchased by Ted Ure and Michael O’Keefe in her memory.  A dedication service was held on Emancipation Day in 2002 to honour Louisa.


2022 Tecumseh 100 Celebration

The Town of Tecumseh celebrated it’s 100th anniversary in 2022.  Our Heritage Centre had an open house and hosted the agricultural component of the festivities.   Tents were set up from various organizations including 4H, ECFA, Nature Fresh, and the Steam and Gas Engine museum.  There was a presentation done by members of a First Nations group which included a descendant from the leader Tecumseh himself.

It was a well attended event that kept our volunteers busy all afternoon listening to and sharing stories with our community members.  The offering of free ice cream was a huge success.


2021 Historical Tour & Scavenger Hunt

The 2021 Historical Tour & Scavenger Hunt took place on Saturday September 18th.  The weather was perfect and the participation level tremendous.

Teams gathered at four different starting points and followed clues to travel around the former township.   Historical facts were presented at many points of interest throughout the tour.

A gathering was held at the Ciociaro club to share stores and hand out prizes after the event.   It was an incredibly successful event with participants truly enjoying the trip down memory lane.